Monday, February 8, 2010

Special People

There are moments in our LIFE, when we realize that this LIFE is more worth to LIVE. Those moments can happen anytime. It can happen especially when you meet some special persons in your LIFE. I met them. I can feel the increase in my positive energy level. These special people to me have all the high, standard and moral qualities in their LIFE. Their smile can heal the wounds of our soul. They are so sweet, that you miss them badly. They encourage people around them and radiate lot of energies. They never give up the moral in their LIFE. They are honest and smiling always. They care and cry for you. They are the people whom we can trust in our LIFE. Long Live them.

Did I meet these special persons in my LIFE? Oh yeah! – Somu (School), Harrish(Pune/Wrk), Aditi(TCS, TVM), Ramya(Work) and Rashmi(Online)!

Hats Off to you guys..!


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