Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rashmi Patil

I prefer actions rather than word. I don't know if someone has said this before me or not, but this is my favourite. I dislike people critizing others for not helping them. Let us take some examples, bad roads before our house - we critize government, less marks scored by your kid - you critize the schools and teacher, terrorists, inflations, scarcity, poverty, illiteracy... let it be anything we always need someone to blame. We run away from responsibility, we want someone to be responsible! Politicians, governments are most critized. We see an accident in road, we critize constable, critize road, late coming ambulance, irresponsible government hospital. But never we pay our tax properly, select a proper leader, support our education system. My son wanna study in America, he wants to be in London. He wants to be a doctor, but not want to be a good citizen.

Ok, why this topic is running away from title? How many of us walked ahead of the 'line of complaining' [Strange = LOC]? Have we ever thought of filling the pot hole on the road? Have we ever took an off during election day and travelled to our hometown for voting? Have we ever educated anyone? Have we ever shown pity on the kids on the road? What do we do? Complain!
We kick the stray dogs at road. We don't share water, food! But we stay in their land. Nature hasn't provided this entire earth for human! That will create an imbalance!

This sweet little kid feeds the dogs and cats comes to her home. She stops by young kids who need help. She not only stop; have the kind heart to ask their need! It is not necessary to help them with money. It is more necessary to bring smile on their face! She does. Hats off Rashmi!
I regret staying in the busy world where we don't the age of our son, we don't know what is our kid's or wife's wish. We never know or encourage their talent. She smiles and doesn't know to fight. She encourages others and all she crosses on her path. She is not a kid, I consider her ANGEL.!

Let us start learn from her.



  1. Hey Raam.. Since your blog is in English, the comment is also in English :) .. Great questions.. Most of the times the questions of yours are so thought provoking. Here it is proven in written words, once again. Keep rocking dear buddy. Nice thoughts penned very nicely.

  2. Hats off Rashmi!! :)
    Very adorable :)

    Ramya :)