Saturday, May 15, 2010

Daly Ronan

I always wonder, (definitely after a beer, because I think straight after I'm drunk) one good president to any country can change the fate of the entire world. How lovely the world will be, if a people loving person becomes the president? Am I diverting from the blog topic? No, I want to see Ronan the President of IRELAND.

Sometime the people we meet make a great impression at the first sight. No matter, it is an hour or seconds, they can really impress us. They themselves are not aware of them. Some people are helpful to others but not open. Somebody me are open (not sure! though) not helpful. But Ronan is one good person who is helpful and open to all.

Almost everyone who knows Ronan, like him. When I go to restaurant with Ronan, there will be people cheerfully coming to him, when we go for a walk, the people in the next campus again wave hands and cheerfully talk to him. He has friends all over the place. Damn I become a big fan of Ronan. He is addictive!!!

It is nice to know and work with him. People around him are always happy. His absence makes the office feel like empty for the people knows him. Lucky enough to sit close to Ronan and bug him whenever possible. He respects people, culture and what else the beers :)

Cheers, I'm really smiling and happy to write about him. People like him really makes the difference. I want him the President of Ireland. I will visit Ireland then!!!
Best Wishes for you ever...